Company Profile

Chengdu Xinxiwang Automation Technology Co., Ltd founded in 2015, is a specialized partner in machine vision applications for the panel display, new energy, and semiconductor industries, a provider of machine vision inspection products, and an overall machine vision solution provider. The company is recognized as a national high-tech enterprise, a national-level specialized and new small giant enterprise, with an annual output value exceeding one billion CNY.


The company has established branches in Shenzhen, Changsha, and Chongqing, as well as offices in Mianyang, Wuhan, Wuxi, Gu'an, and Hefei. Currently, it has a workforce of over 170 employees, with a leading research and development team composed of several master's degree holders and experienced professionals in the industry, all of whom have many years of experience in machine vision and inspection equipment design and development.


As a technology-focused enterprise, Xinxiwang has achieved numerous independent research and development core technological achievements in fields such as image algorithms, calibration algorithms, alignment algorithms, and automation information. These include high-precision alignment systems, AOI inspection systems, data information systems, and intelligent inspection equipment.


Xinxiwang serves various industries, including the 3C/panel display industry, with clients such as Foxconn/GIS, BOE, Jabil, Lens Technology, Visionsox, Tianma, China Star Optoelectronics, TPK, the new energy industry with clients like CATL, EVE Energy, Inergy, Hua Ding Guolian, the semiconductor industry with clients like Texas Instruments, Zhenhua Windpower, Intel, UMC, Phoenix, WG, Silex Microsystems, domestic equipment providers including LND, Huaxing YuanChuang, CECEP Wind-Power, Yiteng, Jintuo, Sunkada, Jingce, Shangju, Bona, Desheng, and international clients from South Korea such as SFA, ATS, LIS, JAS, P Group, Shindo, from Japan like Panasonic, Fineteck, and numerous large enterprises in global markets including Vietnam, Czech Republic, Romania, Serbia, and many more.


By offering professional technology, high-quality services, and comprehensive solutions, the company has earned unanimous praise from its clients. Xinxiwang has established itself as the preferred machine vision supplier for renowned domestic and international enterprises.


Technical Center

The technical center of Chengdu Xinxiwang Automation Technology Co., Ltd. is composed of the Vision Department, Automation Information Department, and Research and Development Department.


Vision Department

In response to the specific machine vision inspection needs of various clients, the Vision Department provides professional visual solutions for inspection, measurement, guidance, and positioning. These solutions aim to enhance clients' enterprise production efficiency, reduce labor costs, and improve market competitiveness. Customized solutions are proposed based on different client project requirements, and on-site debugging and post-technical support are provided. The department has already provided various AOI inspection systems, defect detection systems, and high-precision alignment systems, enhancing the company's competitiveness and raising the level of automation and product quality in clients' factories.


Automation Information Department

In machine vision applications, the recognition of barcodes/QR codes and data processing have become increasingly important in fields such as product data traceability and product data management. To address barcode/QR code recognition and data processing, Xinxiwang has developed corresponding posting systems and BC systems. These are used for associating barcode information and product QR code information, as well as uploading data to the MIS system through the BC system for data analysis and quality control. The Automation Information Department primarily focuses on developing and maintaining posting systems and BC systems, providing high-quality solutions for clients.


Research and Development Department

The main work of the Research and Development Department involves the development of commercially viable prototype software products for machine vision systems that support non-standard automation equipment for panel assembly and surface inspection. The team is led by graduates from well-known domestic universities such as Tsinghua University and the University of Electronic Science and Technology of China. Team members hold bachelor's or master's degrees and have rich research and development experience in image processing software development and visual system integration.

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