Cognex Barcode Readers

DataMan 280 Series Fixed-mount Code Readers


The DataMan 280 Series fixed-mount code readers are not only compact in design but also offer high decoding speed and easy setup. They come with valuable Industry 4.0 features, such as web browser connectivity and performance monitoring. Designed to enhance item tracking in manufacturing and the logistics supply chain, the DataMan 280 Series is capable of addressing various one-dimensional, two-dimensional, and direct part mark (DPM) code applications.

DataMan 280系列固定式读码器(图1)

Solving Challenging Manufacturing and Logistics Application Problems:


The DataMan 280 Series is designed with a focus on flexibility. It features modular hardware and software configurations to solve all barcode reading challenges. It can effortlessly decode challenging DPM codes that are hard to read on surfaces like automotive and medical devices. It can also read multiple label barcodes on boxes and pallets, even on reflective packaging. Additionally, it accurately reads barcodes presented with a large depth of field to improve processing speed.


DataMan 280系列固定式读码器(图2)

Utilizing the latest Cognex technologies to enhance barcode handling and coverage:


New patented decoding algorithms and technologies enable high-speed reading of low-resolution and damaged barcodes, including QR codes. High Dynamic Range (HDR) technology improves image quality and contrast, enhancing code processing and achieving greater coverage for higher efficiency. High-Speed Liquid Lens (HSLL) technology dynamically focuses without any mechanical parts, addressing high-speed and high variability applications with fewer cameras and less setup time.

DataMan 280系列固定式读码器(图3)

Advanced features for easy setup and performance monitoring:


The DataMan 280, in conjunction with Cognex Edge Intelligence (EI), offers advanced Industry 4.0 features, including convenient web browser connectivity, device management, and performance monitoring. It allows users to configure multiple devices simultaneously, conducting critical system performance trend analysis within minutes. Factory managers can monitor trends and quickly intervene upon detecting performance degradation.

DataMan 280系列固定式读码器(图4)

DataMan 280 Series Fixed-mount Code Reader Specifications:

DataMan 280 Series Fixed-mount Code Readers(图5)