Company culture

Since its establishment, Chengdu Xinxiwang Automation Technology Co., Ltd. has been adhering to the tenet of people-oriented, respecting technology, daring to innovate, and professional services. The company's scale and business continue to develop and grow, attracting a large number of outstanding talents to work, and providing professional vision solutions for many large enterprises.

Xinxiwang Mission

       Continue to provide customers with more valuable machine vision application solutions and exceed customer expectations.

Xinxiwang business philosophy

       Talent-based, integrity and efficiency, innovation, customer first.

Xinxiwang Core values

       Customer first, profession, enterprise, innovation, sharing, integrity, enthusiasm, determination, recognition, fun.


Attach importance to personnel training and technical training


Xinxiwang attracts outstanding and potential talents for a long time, regularly provides various professional and technical training for employees, and holds project experience exchange meetings to help employees improve their abilities and stimulate their potential. In addition to professional and technical training, Xinxiwang also selects outstanding employees to train as technical management personnel, and trains relevant management knowledge to provide fresh blood for the development and growth of the company.


Focus on product quality and customer service

As a technical enterprise, Xinxiwang strictly controls every link of the implementation of vision solutions to ensure that 100% of customer requirements are met. Whether in the early program development, or on-site program implementation and later maintenance, Xinxiwang company takes the customer first as the precondition, provides superb technology and quality service.


Focus on cultural construction and staff activities

        The company takes leadership as the core, reasonable division of labor, fair and equitable performance assessment for each employee, the company selects excellent employees according to the assessment results, and gives them rewards and promotions. The company provides each employee with a complete system of five insurances and one fund, and abundant festival benefits. In addition, the company will regularly organize basketball games, badminton games, table tennis games, and organize employees' peripheral, domestic and overseas trips to strengthen team cohesion and vitality, pay attention to employees' physical and mental health, and care about employees' life. Enhance employees' sense of identity, security and belonging to Xinxiwang.



Take social responsibility and return to society

       At the same time of the steady development of the company, Xinxiwang takes the initiative to shoulder its own social responsibility and repay the society. The company has repeatedly organized personnel to visit the left-behind children and the elderly in remote and poor areas, bringing them necessary living and learning supplies, and encouraging children to study hard and change their fate. While contributing love to the society, Xinxiwang is also constantly improving itself, hoping to make more contributions to the society.


2018 Xinxiwang "care for left-behind children" trip


2018 Xinxiwang "Mabian Charity Walk"

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