Automatic Posting system

Automatic Posting system

Xinxiwang Automatic Posting System is an automatic code reading system developed by Xinxiwang Company. In the production process, the QR/DM code on the product is scanned and the QR/DM code information is transmitted to the factory system to achieve product quality management, data tracking and follow-up analysis, and the different states after reading the barcode are fed back to control the shutdown of the production equipment. Thus the factory production of high efficiency, automation and intelligence.


Code Reading Automatic Posting System (Figure 1)


The structure of the simplex station Posting system of Xinxiwang  Automatic Posting System is shown in the figure above, and the program integrates PLC communication module and two-dimensional code scanning module. The machine PLC sends a trigger signal to control the reader to take pictures, the reader parses the two-dimensional code taken, transmits the OK or NG (decoding OK or NG) signal to the PLC and displays it on the operation interface, and transmits the two-dimensional code information to the factory system.


Code Reading Automatic Posting System (Figure 2)


Xinxiwang Automatic Posting System features:

1) High read rate

The Xinxiwang Code Reading Automatic Posting System ensures a QR code reading rate of 99.99%. After the installation and debugging of the equipment is successful, the PLC triggers the reader to scan the two-dimensional code, and the information read by the two-dimensional code is transmitted to the factory system through the automatic Posting system. In addition to reading the two-dimensional code information on the product, it can also Link the two barcodes on a piece of product together to facilitate the follow-up of incoming materials.

Xinxiwan's Posting System has been developed to be particularly mature, compatible with all windows systems, easy to operate and can be quickly installed on different devices without requiring a lot of manpower. The two-dimensional code scanning module can meet the normal and stable operation in different environments and different devices, and can ensure the reading rate of 99.99%. These advantages of the automatic Posting system are highly valued and recognized by customers.

2) Wide range of applications

As shown in the following table, The reader can read the two-dimensional code of different devices, different carriers, different processes, different sizes and different backgrounds, and can guarantee 99.99% read rate. Xinxiwang's Automatic Posting System is available for devices that need to read QR codes.


Code Reading Automatic Posting System (Figure 3)

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