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Happy to move to a new location and build on the past | Congratulations on moving to Xinxiwang

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Vision of the times & promising future


Orioles move into
trees and swallows move into high-rise buildings in
Xinxiwang. On June 1, they officially moved to a new location in
Chendian Science and Technology Innovation Park, High-tech West District.


The coordinates of the new address of the Chengdu office: 2-8-6, Chendian Science and Technology Innovation Park, No. 68 Shuangbai Road, High-tech West District, Chengdu

New environment, new look
, new starting point, new journey.
This office relocation and upgrade is an important milestone in the development of Xinxiwang Company
and a new manifestation of Xinxiwang.






Looking back on the past,
the development of Xinxiwang along the way cannot be separated from the hard work of the team and the trust and support of customers and partners. In the future, all employees of Xinxiwang will not forget their original aspirations and work together
fuller enthusiasm and enthusiasm. A higher morale
to carry on the past and open up the future
to provide customers with
more professional, high-quality and efficient services

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Address:2-8-6, Chen Electric Technology Innovation Park, 68 Shuangbai Road, High-tech West District, Chengdu