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Typical application scenarios of machine vision

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Machine vision is a combination of hardware and software for both industrial and non-industrial applications that provides operational guidance for devices to perform their functions based on captured and processed images. Machine vision can be divided into two parts: imaging and image processing analysis. The former is completed by the hardware part of the machine vision system, and the latter is completed by the vision control system on the basis of the former. Its typical application scenarios are:


Typical application scenarios of machine vision (Figure 1)

1. Assembly in production workshop

Under the role of machine vision technology, the robot can accurately make the robot arm have 3D vision ability according to vision technology, and can rely on vision guidance and positioning to become an essential part of picking up objects. In addition to visual positioning, the key technology of the hand-eye coordination robot is the matrix sensor, which can help the robot know the position and force of the grasp.

2. Electronic welding manufacturing

In the welding technology, because of the reduction of chip dimension, more powerful image magnification function is needed. In this environment, high-quality imaging lens systems must meet special optimization needs. Due to the excellent operation mode, reliability of machine vision tools and high accuracy of vision algorithms, many problems in the process of chip welding are well solved.

3. Empty bottle detection

The machine vision empty bottle detection system is mainly composed of six parts, such as camera, lens, light source, image acquisition card, PC platform and control unit, which cooperate with each other to finally complete the quality detection and elimination of the wine bottle.

4. Auto parts assembly

Auto parts have the characteristics of high quality requirements, large batch, different shapes, each part involves the quality of the whole vehicle, so its measurement size, high precision requirements, need to be measured according to different parts characteristics and types one by one. At present, most automobile manufacturers have used machine vision systems to replace ordinary coordinate measuring machines.

5. Automatic product sorting

Automatic sorting is one of the necessary links in industrial production, especially in mass production of products. Industrial production needs to be sorted according to product characteristics and production/factory quality requirements, it can replace manual classification, handling and loading and unloading of goods, improve production and work efficiency, so as to achieve automation, intelligence, unmanned.

6. Drug quality testing

The application of machine vision in the medical field has been from the traditional drug packaging, medicine bottles, labels and other visual detection to the current detection of biochips, X-ray radiation, etc., through the introduction of machine vision system, complete the collection, storage, management, processing and transmission of image information and other functions.

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