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China's machine vision development has broad prospects

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     In recent years, the national government has issued a number of policies to promote the development of high-tech industries such as digitalization and artificial intelligence. Local governments have also implemented relevant plans based on their own industrial characteristics to accelerate the transformation from "Made in China" to "Intelligent Manufacturing in China". This series of policies directly or indirectly supports the intelligent manufacturing subdivision represented by machine vision. The main development plans and industrial policies include the "National Intelligent Manufacturing Standard System Construction Guide", "13th Five-Year Plan" Advanced Manufacturing Technology "Special Plan for Scientific and Technological Innovation in the Field", "Standardization and Quality Improvement Plan for Equipment Manufacturing Industry", "National Science and Technology Innovation Plan for the 13th Five-Year Plan", etc.



 As my country's supporting infrastructure construction continues to improve, the overall scale of the manufacturing industry continues to expand, and various industries have an increasing demand for automated and intelligent production. Relying on the positioning, identification, monitoring, and measurement functions of machine vision technology , we can greatly reduce the limitations of human eye work and realize factor-driven and industrial upgrading as soon as possible.

   Machine vision has broad application fields and huge room for development. Horizontally, the application of machine vision will penetrate into more industry fields; vertically, the in-depth expansion of machine vision in existing fields will bring new industry growth. Taking the production and manufacturing of mobile phones as an example, machine vision has been almost used in parts , modules to complete machines and other production links.

   At present, the international competition situation is severe, and the global machine vision industry is in a state of confrontation between two powers, and China is becoming one of the most active regions in the development of the machine vision industry in the world. In the future, thanks to factors such as the sustained and stable economic development, the transformation and upgrading of the industrial structure, the acceleration of automation and intelligence in the manufacturing industry, the enhancement of independent research and development capabilities of enterprises in the industry, and the expansion of the application fields of machine vision products, the scale of China's machine vision industry will further growth, the machine vision industry will be a blue ocean.

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