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Analyze the prospects of the machine vision industry in 2023 from three major trends

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With the arrival of Industry 4.0, the demand for machine vision technology    in industrial scenarios continues to promote the development of industrial machine vision technology. This includes: the improvement of 3D technical requirements, the gradual dominance of domestic substitution, and the integration of fragmented scenes. So what is the prospect of the machine vision industry in 2023? Let’s analyze it from the three major trends.

Trend 1: In huge application scenarios, 3D technology will become more mature and common

While 2D vision is developing, 3D technology is also on the rise. Judging from the current trend, the development momentum of 3D machine vision is much greater than that of 2D. Although the current development of industrial machine vision is relatively mature, 3D technology is still in its early stages of development in China. Foreign companies and products are ahead of domestic companies in high-precision inspection and occupy most of the market share. Domestic companies began to gradually replace foreign companies in hardware and software.

Trend 2: Domestic substitution has become the main theme, competition between Chinese and foreign manufacturers has further intensified, and the market structure has been restructured.

The current replacement rate of machine vision reaches 50%, but it is mostly limited to the field of 2D machine vision. In the future, as domestic brands collaborate for win-win results, product functions become more professional and product types become refined, the substitution rate will gradually increase. The industry will tend to specialize in division of labor, and independent visual platforms, visual systems and equipment will work together to gradually surpass foreign brands and grow into the main force of China's intelligent manufacturing industrial vision.

Trend 3: Integrating fragmented scenarios and standardizing integrated equipment will be the next generation development direction of machine vision

As the scale of industrial automation gradually expands, products under the intelligent manufacturing model are produced in multiple varieties, small batches, and personalized. Enterprises are beginning to shift towards mass customized production. However, machine vision technology can only identify and classify a small number of products in automated production lines, making it difficult to meet fragmented scenarios. To solve this situation, integrating fragmented scenarios and creating integrated equipment will greatly promote the rapid integration of information technology and operational technology. At the same time, creating a full-process digital closed loop will also be one of the important measures.

The space for machine vision products is limited, and my country’s machine vision system is deepening its industrial structure adjustment. With the development of machine vision technology, machine vision products will be applied to more and more fields. At the same time, the continuous improvement of manufacturing accuracy and other requirements for manufacturing industries such as consumer electronics and automobiles will continue to increase the demand for machine vision technology. It is expected to further promote the overall development of the machine vision industry.

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