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What industrial lenses do machine vision systems use?

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Machine vision systems typically use a variety of lenses, such as fixed focal length lenses, zoom lenses, telecentric lens, wide-angle lens, micro-lens, etc., which are designed for industrial or scientific applications. Optimized for image quality, sharpness and contrast, these lenses can withstand harsh environments and frequent use.

1. Fixed focal length lens:

These lenses have a fixed focal length and cannot be adjusted. They are commonly used in applications where object distances and sizes are constant.

2. Zoom lens:

These lenses can adjust the focal length, allowing the user to change the magnification of the image. They are used in applications where the size and distance of objects vary.

3. Telecentric lens:

These lenses maintain constant magnification regardless of object distance, making them ideal for measuring or inspecting objects with high precision.

4. Wide-angle lens,:

These lenses have a larger field of view than standard lenses, making them ideal for applications that need to photograph a larger area.

5. Micro-lens:

These lenses are used for close-up imaging of small objects or details.

The choice of lens depends on the specific application and the desired image quality, resolution and magnification.

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